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A1- Music Artist


Boowie- Music Producer

Jay HitUp- Music Artist

Podcast and Chill show- Podcast (Lifestyle)

Flower by Tonora Scott -Author (poet)

Shawna Rose - Model

Reujean Deville - Artist

Kid Riko- Music Artist

B.I.C.- Haitian Musician 

Richie- Haitian Musician 

Mothoro- Music Artist

Lullion- Music Artist

Substance Abuse- Music Group

Jamar Germain- Music Artist 







Steven Mykel- Artist

Deion (pbi)- Photographer

Tan- Model

Tavarrick- Fashion Consultant/stylist

Monikue- Model

Brian Daves- Fashion Consultant/Stylist

Jay Hollis (London Logan)- Fashion Designer

Médjina (Lomé)- Visionary

Brittan (Selfish Trend)- Fashion Designer

Mazi- Visionary

Andre- Author

Elements: Band

Sir Hop- Music Artist


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launching as a blog in the summer of 2017, Revolving edge became the platform for on the rise individuals in Music, Art, Fashion, and Lifestyle. today we are now a blog and magazine company, still representing those who are making a name for themselves. Revolving Edge magazine is a quarterly magazine. from interviews, trends, tips and inspiration. We have it all.

“We are the platform for people to share their stories and showcase their talents with the world.”

Why wait till they make it?

“REvolving around music. art. fashion. lifestyle.”


- CEO of Revolving Edge Magazine, LLC

Zoë Hinkson


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