September Feature of the Month

Photographer Deion is a Philadelphia native with a story of struggles and overcoming obstacles that many wouldn't know how to overcome. Many people have someone  who can save them from their trying times but his passion for the art of photography is what helped him survived. He moved to Miami, Florida and from there he began his career full time. Deion is an experienced photographer with experience in videography, music, sculpture, graffiti, painting, fashion, and more. Like others, I am always interested in their mind and have a short interview. Deion and I had a nice interview about how he started, his current accomplishments, and what he hopes for his future.


PBI Photography interview

Zoe: How long have you been a photographer?


Deion: I've been photographing since I was about 5-7 years old. My mom used to do a lot of film photography when I was younger, so she always asked me to take pictures of her from time to time and how to use the camera. I remember times when she couldn't find a baby sitter for me, she used to take me to her classes at CCP (Community College of Philadelphia) going into the darkroom to develop films she shot, listening to her professors, and walking around with her to shoot around the city. Since then I always incorporated photography in anything I did, even when I was in middle school taking selfies to post a picture on myspace lol. I just always had a niche for it.

Zoe: What has been your greatest accomplishment since you started this business?

Deion: My greatest accomplishment so far is probably creating my own art show called "Perspectiv". I remember I just moved to Miami and I was coming up on my year mark of being here, and not satisfied with what I've done in a year. I mean I did all the small things like showcasing my work at small events, art shows, doing photoshoots, getting clients for my photography and more, but I really wanted to make a strong point that I came out here for a reason. I remember my girlfriend asking me what I wanted for my birthday.I remember I just wanted to have an art show to showcase my work, then one thing lead to another and we ended up having 10 like minded artist's showcasing, and 150-300 people showing up to the show. That really started my career on the right track, and motivating me everyday.

Zoe: Do you imagine yourself shooting for major companies?

Deion: Yes, but instead of your typical "work for hire" photographer, I am looking at it in a broader aspect. I want to collaborate with these companies and have the freedom to express my creativity. It's a win for both parties, in my opinion, I can give my 100% in every project, and they'll not only receive a "photographer" but a creative director, videographer, photographer, artist, and more. The main goal for me is to become known for my work and can be in any environment, that people either know me for me or my work.

Zoe:  Describe your work in one word?

Deion: Freedom.

I love that freedom is the way he describes his work. That what it should be like. Whatever your craft is should be free. Freedom of expression, freedom of self, freedom of stress. His work symbolizes that because he has no boundaries. He is free and his work speaks for itself. 

Follow him on Instagram @ pbi_photography and visit his website