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August Feature of the Month

August Feature of the Month

Our August feature of the month is Steven Mykel an artist that takes art to another level. His work shows his passion with every line he draws onto each canvas. This New Jersey native is stopping at nothing to reach greater heights in the Art World. He is versatile and does freehand work. His passion for art started a few years back in 2012. He was never shy of fashion and style but his knack of a paint brush, pencils, and a canvas or paper drew him in. He discovered a new talent and a passion for the arts. I was granted the privilege to ask the artist a couple questions about his inspiration and feelings of being an Artist.

Zoe Marie: "What inspires you to create a new painting?"

Steven Mykel : "Generally speaking I would have to say that life inspires me to create, form things that are going on in my personal life I've to everyday world events."

Zoe Marie: How did it feel when you first sold one of your paintings?

Steven Mykel: "When I sold my first painting it was somewhat bitter sweet because it's almost as if I gave away a bit of myself which was exciting yet nervous but with time it's become much easier sharing my work with others realizing that my work isn't just for me but for world."

Zoe Marie: Do you have a favorite piece of work from this collection?

Steven Mykel: "As of this moment I don't have a favorite... actually there is one that I haven't shown and I'll be showing for my first art viewing so you'll have to wait for that one."

Thank you for reading August Feature of the Month for more on the Artist and his upcoming Art show read below. 

-Zoë Marie 

Follow him and discover the endless persona behind who StevenMykel is.

IG: Iamstevenmykel

 Steven will be hosting his first  Art Show on Saturday, September 2017, at 4pm. More details is  featured on his IG. To purchase your tickets visit


Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017     Time: 4pm- 7pm    Location: 3506 Georgia Ave  NW Washington, DC 20010

Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017

Time: 4pm- 7pm

Location: 3506 Georgia Ave  NW Washington, DC 20010

 Steven Mykel Art Shows

Steven Mykel Art Shows

Upcoming August Feature is...

Upcoming August Feature is...