Artists are not just one thing…we are creators, we are trendsetters, we are the everlasting iconic legends of today’s time.  Art is pure, and it is selfless.  And we all crave to be more than just what the eye can see.


I was able to peek inside the mind of Ruejean Deville, behind the beautiful art pieces that engage one to feel, believe, and inspire one to become more.  Ruejean Deville is not only a beautiful person on the outside, but on the inside as well.  This Haitian-American, Bronx NY native, and now resident of Brooklyn NY, allows you to enter her world of art.  Throughout her creations, you can see traces of energy, passion, and delicate care.   It was a pleasure to interview her about her passion and the challenges “black” artists go through in order to be recognize.  We talked about her inspiration, use of art as a form of therapy, and more. Check out the interview below.


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Zoë:  When creating your pieces, what inspires you?

Ruejean Deville: Well, LIFE inspires me…whether it be personal experiences or external factors.  It stimulates me and helps to manifest what I want to express for myself and others. 

Zoë: Is art a form of therapy for you as much as it is a passion?

Ruejean Deville: Most definitely!  In all aspects, it’s therapeutic.  It’s far from forced of even trained.  It’s something that pours out from the center of my soul and is released unto the world. 

Zoë: As a black artist, do you find yourself challenged in the world of art when it comes to presenting work and being recognized for your gift?


Ruejean Deville: Well, not just as black artists, but we are challenged as artists in general, period.  Sometimes we’re subjected to the expectation of either only expressing “BLACK” art or “URBAN” art in order to be considered as a reputable artist.  But just because we’re black doesn’t mean that we’re locked into this one form of expression. 


Zoë: I remember meeting you at my brother's show and I just loved your energy, you were so free and bubbly.  Your artistic unique style…is that something you also love to express in your art?



Ruejean Deville: Lol. Thank you. Ummmm…I believe that energy is what you give.  What pours out into the world is exactly what you’ll receive back.  So, how I express myself is a reflection of how I feel and not conforming to what people believe is my normality.  So, I would say that’s the expression of my art and me.  Opening the doors to allow yourself to be you. 


Zoë: When people view your work, what do you want them to feel, imagine, and believe?


Ruejean Deville: What I would want them to feel is the energy of love.  But above all, I want them to embrace my sense of expressionism and, in doing so, feel something within themselves…feel something that’ll inspire them.  I always aspire to inspire, period. 


Zoe:  Are there plans to host an event this year or be featured in one?



Ruejean Deville: As of right now, no solo exhibitions for 2018.  But there will definitely be an artist showcase in August (that I throw annually) called “Negus in Paris”.  So be prepared for lots of art, food, and music!


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