Features on Revolving Edge

—  current and past features 




A1- Music Artist


Boowie- Music Producer

Jay HitUp- Music Artist

Podcast and Chill show- Podcast (Lifestyle)

Flower by Tonora Scott -Author (poet)

Shawna Rose - Model

Reujean Deville - Artist

Kid Riko- Music Artist

B.I.C.- Haitian Musician 

Richie- Haitian Musician 

Mothoro- Music Artist

Lullion- Music Artist

Substance Abuse- Music Group

Jamar Germain- Music Artist 







Steven Mykel- Artist

Deion (pbi)- Photographer

Tan- Model

Tavarrick- Fashion Consultant/stylist

Monikue- Model

Brian Daves- Fashion Consultant/Stylist

Jay Hollis (London Logan)- Fashion Designer

Médjina (Lomé)- Visionary

Brittan (Selfish Trend)- Fashion Designer

Mazi- Visionary

Andre- Author

Elements: Band

Sir Hop- Music Artist


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