FLOWER by Tonora Scott

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Meet Ms. Tonora Scott, mother, author, poet, and overall amazing woman. Tonora Scott began writing poetry at a very young age. She self-published her own book of poetry titled “Vulnerable” in 2003. That was the spring that brought forth many literary projects to come. Whilst juggling the responsibilities of raising a family as well as a time-consuming career, she decided it’d be best to wait to put out more work. For years, she has been creating material and I’m happy to announce that FINALLY her anticipated work is ready to be released unto the world. “Flower” will be the blossoming of more publications to come.

Ms. Scott is extremely excited about the upcoming release of “Flower” and the impact that she predicts it will have on others. She was delighted to hear that I wanted to feature her on my blog. I had the chance to speak with Ms. Scott and go into depth about her poetry project, “Flower”, and what is in store for the literary genius afterwards.


Zoë:  What made you come up with the name “Flower” for this range of poetry?

Ms. Scott: The title, “Flower”, came from a dream I had some years ago. Flower is the representation of growth. 

Zoë:  How has your experience been in publishing your first book, help you with “flower”? Was it all smooth sailing or were there some troublesome moments when putting together

this project?

Ms. Scott:   Publishing my first book was very exciting and rewarding. Writing “Flower”, for me, has been a dream that has come to pass.  For me, writing Flower was like being in the sea.   At first, I had my calm and then came the emotional storm of finishing it. This book is a long time coming.  It took me a year to complete.

Also, I was hesitant about self -publishing again because I am not home.  I’m in a new city and state.

Zoë: What is the key to your creative process? For example, do you have to be in a certain mood? Do you like to have music playing in the background when you’re writing?

Ms. Scott: No not really.  When I hear something or see something, I can start to write because it inspires me to a certain place where I can create a line of words.  When I am writing, I do like total quiet.  I can hear and see better what it is I want to say.

Zoë:  What do you want the audience to feel when reading Flower?

Ms. Scott:     I want them to feel the power of love…in and out of time.

Zoë: Can we expect more work from you soon after the release of “Flower”?

Ms. Scott:  Yes, I am working on a couple of books right now that will be released early next year.

Zoë:  What is your favorite poem in “Flower” and would you mind sharing a few lines from it?

Ms: Scott:  One of my favorite poems is “Secret Garden”;…

“Flowers hold secrets,

some to their grave,

flowers of love,

for their souls they gave.”


Excited for the new year and many successful years to come, she plans on giving the people what they want and truly diving back into the world of literature and more.  Ms. Scott is quite a lady and very pleasant to speak with, and, no, I am not saying this just because she is my mother (SURPRISE), but because she truly is extraordinary and her writing is divine. I hope you all enjoyed reading this article on the darling Ms. Scott.  You may purchase your copy by visiting amazon.com

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