Debauchery by Andre Hadley

It is a well known fact that education, formal as well as informal, is what fuels new ideas and that knowledge is power.  So it comes as no surprise that “The Autobiography of Malcolm X As Told To Alex Haley”, the first book ever read by Mr. Andre Hadley, planted a deep rooted seed in him that would one day bloom into an accomplished writer.   

A Florida native raised in Atlanta, Andre was heavily into sports, martial arts, and of course, reading; completely unaware that his life experiences would turn him into the author he is today.  He believed he could easily write novels like author Zane, but he had a desire to write other types of works. Novels like “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Soulja and “ I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” by Tucker Max inspired Andre to write his own short stories.  Andre began writing at a young age, initially to turn his bad days into good ones, then simply because he fell in love with it.

Mr. Hadley’s early writings have finally paid off.  He recently published his first book, “Debauchery”, about a college football star named Timothy Jackson.  Timothy, at the height of his young career, witnesses and falls victim to a series of sex-filled nonsense, as he would describe it.  He also finds himself living a life of cheating while realizing his own insecurities, as most men experience at this tender age of growing pains.


Overall, “Debauchery” is a coming of age story about a popular young man who wants nothing more than to be able to take back control over his own life and end this seemingly never-ending cycle of drama and infidelities.  It is a story most of us can relate to in some way or another; however, the question still looms...“Will Timothy ever overcome and put an end to his old ways?”  You’ll have to read it to find out!


I sat down with Mr. Hadley to find out what we can expect to see from him in the future, to which he replied:  


AH: “...More book series, sequels. I would someday hope to see my work produced into a Netflix series or even maybe a movie. Either way, mainstream publicity is the goal, just like that of Zane and her “Addicted” or Terry McMillan and her many books turned movie projects”.


When asked about what drives this passion and pushes him to continue to hone his craft, he humbly replied:


AH: “What I love about writing is the fact that I can make my own stories and create my own ideas. 90% of my work is freestyle, right from the brain. A lot of my work comes straight to mind organically, not much research is needed unless it's historical and must be proven. As a whole, I love writing because it keeps me together. It's my drug, it takes me away from the negative and helps me keep in touch with my inner self. I love it, it's my form of art.”


We look forward to hearing more from Mr. Andre Hadley AND his starring character, Mr. Timothy Jackson, in the near future. Keep an eye out for “Timothy & Friends: Raw & Untold” due for release by January of 2018. In the meantime, “Debauchery” is out now!  Get your copy of at





Written by: Zoe Marie Hinkson  ~  Edited by: Claire Daniels of CDNYC (9/20/2017)





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