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The Bryant Educational Leadership Group (BELG) is a black female-owned and operated educational group that inspires, educates, and develops young minority leaders in high schools and colleges across the country.  BELG achieves their mission by providing an array of programs that give students the essential tools and devices necessary in order to become strong, equipped minority leaders on and off their specific individual institutions’ campuses.  Programs such as the African American Student Leadership Experience (AASLE) and Cutting-Edge Uncompromised Transformational Thinkers (CUTT) Speakers Bureau, are what makes the Bryant Educational Leadership Group unique and makes their vision come alive.   Their vision to be the premier resource for leadership education and the primary producer of global leaders for the next generation is on the rise to be fulfilled.

BELG started in 2012 and is based on the principle of "we stand on the shoulders of giants and to whom much is given, much is required," (belgllc.com/about).  The organization ensures this message in their most popular program, AASLE: The African American Student Leadership Experience held in Washington DC.  This year, in January of 2018, the organization inspired and equipped 250 delegates at AASLE and regardless of the bad weather, the experience was very successful.  This year’s theme was “NEXUS: What It Looks Like, What It Sounds Like, and What It Is”.  Working specifically to help students define their X and how they are the NEXUS in the years to come, students heard speeches from many different speakers and worked on tasks in small groups to define and recognize problems as well as how the NEXUS would combat and find solutions to said problems.  This year, featured speakers included the legendary Bobby Seale, New York politician Charles Barron, and many more to inspire young minority leaders.  Through this experience, students leave inspired and ready to go back to their campuses and change the problems that they see within their institutions.  The delegates are not only ready to identify the problems, but come up with solutions and take action as well, effecting change everywhere they go.

With all their successes, the Bryant Educational Leadership Group is doing amazing things for minority leaders, their institutions, and by default their communities by fulfilling their mission and inspiring students one by one.  For more information, visit www.BELGLLC.com. 

Written By: Donovan Mack

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