Seek and Aspire your Dreams


20 years of age, Janelle Pierre-Louis is a Haitian young woman who may not be fluent in her culture’s language, but can express herself simply by being herself.  She aspires to be in the fashion industry. Currently, Janelle resides in International Falls, MN as a student studying Generals in pursuit of obtaining her AA degree while keeping in mind all of the things she wants to do with her life. She is adequate at beginning and seeing projects to completion, becoming successful in whichever path that may come her way. In other words: “Gods plan”. 


I was able to speak with her about her desires to break into the fashion industry and what else she wants to do. Read the interview below to find out more about her unique style and creative ability to strive in fashion.



Zoë:   What path of modeling are you looking into getting into?

Janelle:   The type of modeling I would like to get into is fashion, swimsuit, glamour, fitness, and maybe even runway/catwalk…all in one. Being able to express myself through a variety of modeling venues will allow me to not only express myself and share my personality, but to similarly influence others and allow them to embrace themselves. By constructing fashion into a walk of confidence and gaining self-love.


Zoë:   What inspired you to choose this path?

Janelle: YouTube inspired me to choose this path. I catch myself watching videos of other people being themselves each and every day, gaining views and earning income from just being themselves. So, one day I thought to myself, everybody out here is doing what they want and living it up like it’s their last days and I want to go out in this world and do the same thing. Then, I asked myself, “what is something that I would want to do for the majority of my life?”. I believe that is modeling. Modeling would allow others to view my concept of beauty while spreading the idea of self-love through others, because without self-love, ain’t nobody gone love you better.


Zoë:   What are your aspirations in life?

Janelle: My aspirations in life is first and foremost to be happy. Happiness is key and makes you feel good. My ultimate aspiration in life is figuring out who I really am, knowing myself through and with god. This is something I would like to keep consistent, in visions of a better life and a better me.


Zoë:   What challenges are you facing trying to pursue your career in the fashion industry?

Janelle: One challenge is getting out of my comfort zone when around people. It has improved over these past few years, but there could be more of me being me, if that makes sense.


Zoë:  What are you hoping to do with your platform, if granted one?

Janelle: I’m hoping to make it my own; no ideas of which platform exactly, but something that others can take from.


Zoë: Are you willing to relocate if an opportunity permits?

Janelle: Yes, I’m willing to relocate if an opportunity permits, preferably after I finish this Spring semester.