Unapologetically Me..

At a mere 18 years of age, Jashawn Sharp is an aspiring photographer with high hopes of someday becoming a model as well.  Currently living in International Falls, MN, he is constantly trying to recreate and build on his creativity.  Capturing interesting scenery around him with his phone and/or camera, he's constantly striving to snap the perfect picture.  With a love for the arts and goals of modeling since he was a child, Jashawn has always desired to stand out and has faced the challenges of what a model "should" look like. 


He accepts the fact that he's not the desired average male model height of 5'10" - 6'2"; however,  Jashawn is well aware of who he is and wants his identity to be represented in what he does.  As he stated, “My movement for modeling is me being [unapologetically] me, I want to be an inspiration to other below average height models to show that, in spite of height, we can still successfully overcome!”  Follow him and bear witness as he transitions into the world of Art and Fashion.  You can view his talents via Snapchat and Instagram @jayymoneyy12. Thank you for reading!  Be sure to subscribe, comment, like and share below!