Don't Sleep on these Artists

These artists have been on the scene for quite some time. And I am surprised I haven't heard of them until now. If your anything like me and love some music that's really chill and has a true message then I think you will like them too. Here are the artists I think are slept on and really should be in the Headlines and maybe they are already heading to the top of the charts.

1. Sza- She isn't new to the scene but her album "Cntrl" and singles "Love Galore" and  "Weekend" has been making lots of noise and is raving in billboard records. If you haven't heard of her, go check here out you won't regret!!

 2. H.E.R.- She is a rising R&B/ Soul singer that really needs to be on top. She is someone I listen to when I just want to relax and drink some wine. Listen to her and I swear you will escape into her music.

3. Goldlink- He has the hit song Crew feat. Brent Faiyaz & Shy Grlizzy. I'm sure you heard of it but that song is what made me hook to him. He has been out for a while, but I believe his music is just now making an imprint. His music is chill, mix with slick flows and his beats invites you to dance. Particularly the song "Dance on me". Check him out, you won't find another D.C. artist like him.

4. Smino Brown-  I honestly found him on my Apple music suggestions and never looked back. His album is one of my top faves and it is nothing but endless poetry to my ears. My favorite song is "Netflix and Dusse" on the Blkswn album, overall the whole thing is musically perfect. But, with Netflix and Dusse song I  think the underlying meaning is what makes me love it but also just the way it sounds. I really want more people to listen to him more and know him because he is one artist that is really underrated.  

5. Masego- His single "Navajo" is what drawn me in and what made me want to listen to him more. He is featured on a few artist songs such as Vanjess "Touch the Floor" single you know the sisters that started with doing covers on youtube, and Gold link song " Late Night". He is an artist you need to not sleep on. 

6. NAV- I was introduced to this artist through a good friend of my mine. Nav is an upcoming artist who started from Soundcloud to making music with artist like The Weeknd. My favorite songs so far off his self-entitled album "NAV" is "Myself", "Good For it", and "NAV'. Really the whole album is dope so stay tuned with him and his artistry.

7. A.Chal- Now he is an artist I was introduced to by one of my favorite podcast which is the "Friend Zone". A.Chal song round whippin' is my fave so far. I'm still listening to his music, but if you like to smoke this song is for sure to be on your playlist. 

8. Kidsoul- Lastly, KidSoul I came across his music on youtube listening to Goldlink of course. He was on the youtube channel COLORS which I should suggest everyone who is reading this to check it out. They have a lot of nice artist on their channel. But, Kidsoul is really good, I love his song "Playing Games". His voice, flow is everything. I can see him going really far and he needs to be heard.

If you have any comments about the artists I listed or feel I am missing out on some people then comment below. Don't forget to share on all your Social sites!

Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to read my many blogs to come!