Sevyn Is Back!

I have been #TeamSevyn since I first heard her single with Chris Brown "It Won't Stop". Sevyn Streeter came out with another hit album named "Girl Disrupted". From the first song "Livin" to the end "Everything in Me".  She describes the album in three words, Love, Loyalty, and Liberation. This album was more than just a regular R&B and Soul album it was a story of finding yourself, loving yourself, and being cautious with love. It is the storytelling of real life issues and feelings. It will have you dancing and maybe getting in your feels. 

My top three songs on the album is "Livin", "Peace Sign", and "Before I Do".

"Livin", describe the feeling of being free and "living without a care", as she would say. Introducing the new you to the world and knowing that people are watching you and you are giving them something to watch. So of course, I am here for the freedom and with the recent changes in my life this is my anthem! 

"Peace Sign", is a song that is very seductive. It is was I like to call lyrically sexy. Flirty, and fun. And if you want to surprise your man or woman it is perfect to play. I love it!

"Before I Do",  is a song that I can truly relate to. Something that I wish I would have asked a few people back in my past.  She is simply singing about asking a guy about his true self.  She is telling him she is hearing about him having another girl on the low and he is not who he say he is.  Hence, the title "Before I do", meaning before I commit, I need to know if you are with someone else of if you are doing other things you shouldnt, before I commit to you.

The whole album is very sensual, and real. An album I suggest you all to go buy, and listen. Enjoy. 

-Zoe Marie