Emerging Artist on the Scene


Welcome Back, to another reading of Revolving Edge Music segment!! This week segment is on Jessie Reyez an R&B singer from Toronto, Canada. She is an emerging artist who was nominated for two awards this year. At the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards she was nominated for "Best New Canadian Artist" and "Fan Fave Video" for "Shutter Island".  I was introduced to her while watching the 2017 BET Awards, and she was singing "Figures". I heard her voice and immediately had to find out who she was and if she had more music. Low and Behold I found her EP "Kiddo".

 This album is raw, edgy and everything I live for!  If you know me personally or from my blog you know I live for music that sounds different. But also something that I think others would love too!


 Her EP "Kiddo" is nothing, but pure feeling and truth. You can tell that she wrote from experience and didn't leave her emotions out of it. From the first song "F**k It" which has a raw sound and just gets me feeling like a badass. Not only are the lyrics great but the whole sound of it kicks off the EP.  Shutter Island is a song that you must listen to, to understand when I say "My straight jacket custom made though".  

Blue Ribbon my other favorite because of the beat and it's a fun song. Let's be clear, all of her songs are my favorite. On the song "Gatekeepers", She speaks on how the industry will say you can only reach the top if you have sex with someone that is known in the industry because they are the "gatekeepers". "Figures" will get you in your feelings if you know the feeling of being stuck on someone who hurt you and you wish you could do the same to them.  Lastly, "Great one" we all want to be successful and this is a song just about that.

So I hope I convinced you enough to check her music out and I hope you do. I added her song "Great one" at the bottom of this post. So check her out and let me know what you think!


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-Zoe Marie