Why "Veggies" are "Good For You"..

Aminé debut album "Good For You" came out on Thursday and when I say, I. Love. It!! I really mean it. It's all about lyricism, catchy flows, and of course beats.  I find some of his lyrics to be funny, but it makes sense. And we can't forget about his obsessions over bananas. I honestly can say I love the whole album, of course, I have my favorites like "Veggies", "Caroline", and "Yellow" and "Turf". That was hard to choose because the whole album is really dope.  


Each song tells a story whether it's about love, wanting a better life, and just simple life stuff. He has some artist on this album such as Ty  Dolla $ign, Nelly, Offset, and even Charlie Wilson. He has a bonus track "Heebiejeebies" with Kehlani which of course is a dope song. I hope yall really go listen to his album its available on Itunes and Spotify.

Check it out and comment below on your thoughts on Aminé and his debut album "Good For You"

Thank you all for reading this weeks segment in Music

-Zoe Marie

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