Introducing Michael Ross

New artist on the scene is Jeremy Michael Ross better known as his stage name Michael Ross. As we all know that great singers also write and start at a young age. Since the age of 7, he started writing poems which turned into songs. When he was 8 he began singing and found that his passion is Music. Now Ross, twenty-five years of age moved from Tampa, FL to  Atlanta, Ga to expand his musical horizons. He has experienced many trials and tribulations while on this journey, But he kept the faith and continues to believe that with God by his side anything is possible. He is grateful to have a gift to share with the world.  

His recent song that he wrote and produce is now out for the world to hear. "The Pain" single is a song that we as humans can relate to. We all know that going through pain always makes us stronger and this is what this song is about. When I first heard it I felt the pain but also connected with the song. "The Pain" is a song you must have on your playlist and its available on every streaming music app. So check out his song on iTunes, Tidal, and Soundcloud. 

You can follow him on IG: @michealrossexclusive

" Growth is inevitable as well as trial and error, but with a strong vision of what it is you're trying to accomplish, success can be inevitable as well!" 
Be forever blessed, Michael~