Albums and Singles We should Love

So many artists have released us some good singles better yet great albums. Here is a list of new albums, eps, singles from your favorite or soon to be favorite artists.


1. Azealia Banks just released Slay-Z her new album and I must say if you like her music you will like her angle on this project. My favorite song off of Slay-Z is Big Talk feat. Rick Ross

2. Daley released his new album titled The Spectrum. I've been waiting for him to come out some more music and this album was well worth the wait.  From beginning to end you will fall in love with his voice, the love,  the soul, the heart in his music.

3. Micheal Ross-  Released his latest single The Pain. If you've been keeping up with my blog you already read about this upcoming star. The Pain is a song I can relate to and I'm sure you can too. It's about growing pains and how that pain has brought you through to something better. 


4. Luke James- Luke James did it again with his latest single Drip. Drip is a  sensual sexy song and along with the song, he added a visual to really let you connect to the song. Luke James never fails when it comes to music and this is exactly what I love about him. He is never afraid to be open and with the visuals for this song you can feel every lyric that comes across the screen. 

5. Kodak Black- Kodak has been on the top even after going away for a little bit but he came back and released Project baby 2.  Since his latest work, he has been the talk of the town and I must say I vibe with it so far.

6. A$ap Ferg-  If you know me you know I love me some A$ap Ferg, Rocky pretty much all of them. A$ap Ferg recently released his latest album titled Still Striving.  I love me some A$ap, and his music. Currently listening to it and I can say it is a must have. I loved it from beginning to end and I know I probably say that a lot but when an artist put out good music they know what they are doing. 

7. Miguel- His latest single Sky Walker feat. Travis Scott is definitely a banger. This song will have you wanting to party and live the life of how this song describes. But why not "celebrate every day like it's your birthday". Doing you and living like you have it all.


So this completes my artist you should love and their latest work. I hope you have heard of them and or listen to their music. Next week music will try to be broader than the norm of what I usually cover.  Comment artist I may have missed or should listen to. Don't forget to share and or follow me on your social media platforms