Rising R&B singer Daniel Ceasar who is really dope. Not only is his music dope but his style, voice, and artistry. I was introduced to his music by another good friend of mine a few months back. With the song "Get You" and I wonder why I haven't heard from him before. His first Album Freudian, came out this past week and I mean it is love from start to finish. Smooth vocals, calming beats, just something you can just vibe with and chill with someone. I give it a 10/10 because I truly do love it.



The whole album just flows, from one song to the next. It's about love and being in love with someone and just the whole vibe of being in a relationship, exposing his shortcomings and more. It's the emotions, the feel of the music that gets you. From the tones of each vocal and the meaning behind the lyrics. Its creativity and chemistry is what draws you in. 

I can't say I have a favorite song because I love them all and it is really hard to choose. So I encourage you to listen and maybe even see him in concert.  He will be going on tour starting in September across America Titled Freudian. Hopefully, I can see him in concert cause I would definitely go. For tickets visit But check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.