A flow unmatched, lyrics unheard, and pure talent is what rising artist from Sunland Park, Florida, “JayHitUp” is.  It was a pleasure to interview this rising artist from Sunland Park. Learning about his musical process, how he began, and to where he plans on taking his talent was phenomenal.  We all come from somewhere, we all have a story to tell, and “JayHitUp” is no different.  Listening to his music, you would think that he’d been doing this for years on years.  It is apparent that he is made for this, and he is coming for that top spot.  He is the next artist on the scene and I can’t wait to see him rise to the top.  South Florida is lucky enough to have some of the best emerging artists today, and “JayHitUp” is one of them.  Read below for his interview and his bio under JayHitUp is Here!

1.     What challenges have you faced since starting your music career?

·       I began rapping about two years ago.  Starting off just rapping for no reason to really taking it seriously was challenging in itself.  The transition from “I don’t care about rap” to it being my profession and getting the fans to take me seriously was my biggest trial.

2.     Who and/or what motivates you and influences your music?

·       My favorite artist is Lil’ Wayne.  My style, my wordplay, my demeanor comes from years of watching and listening to him.  I have an EP entitled “Laudergrove”, which is a dedication to my idol, Lil’ Wayne.  Wayne is from Hollygrove, Louisiana.  I’m from Lauderdale…hence, “Laudergrove”!! Also, my team! Being Rich Matters© is my team.  They motivate me and support me 150% and it’s reciprocated!  BRM ON THE MOVE! 

3.     What does music mean to you?

·       Music is a lifestyle for me. Music has gotten me through almost every aspect and obstacle I’ve encountered throughout my life, through the struggle.  And I’m pretty sure it’ll guide me to success...LITERALLY. 

4.     With your latest mixtape XXXL, what was your creative process like?

·       The name itself is creative as hell!  Artists believe that making it to XXL (the hip hop publication) is like the ceiling of rap, but once they make it into the magazine, they become complacent and stationary in the game!  I feel there’s bigger and better out there.  And I feel I’m bigger and better, so I went up a size (XXXL) on this project.  The creativity and listeners I target will get a full understanding of who I am.  I hope to end mumble rap and bring back true music. 

5.     Will you be performing at any events?

·       Yes, I will be performing at SXSW In March in front of numerous PRs and A&Rs.  I’ve also opened for PNB Rock in the past!  Stay tuned for more performances in the coming weeks. 


There’s so much to anticipate from JayHitUp and this is only the beginning.  If you haven’t heard his latest EP, check it out now on Soundcloud.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  No mumble rapping here!


Souncloud link to XXXL:


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