JayHitUp is Here!

JayHitUp is Here

Quickly emerging from Sunland Park, FL is Broward County's best kept secret, “JayHitUp”.  This undeniable fire spitter has propelled himself onto the scene with a series of EPs and freestyles leading up to his highly anticipated debut mixtape, "XXXL", which was released on December 3rd of 2017. With a “larger than life” persona, there does come the high expectations and comparisons that are seemingly eccentric.  But amid all the noise, HitUp continues to broaden his lane and cumulate a loyal fan base with consistent heat and an unbreakable work ethic.  Next year and beyond will be very interesting if Jay continues to dial up the right moves into hip hop's limelight, and we anticipate he will.  With South Florida being the fastest rising rap market, it seems perfect timing for the artist to plead his case as the self-proclaimed Alpha of the pack.  Snagging a spot on the Broward County Top 10 Newest Artists List may also help him to affirm that claim.  While lionizing his name within the ranks of the greats, JayHitUp does come with friends.  Oh yeah…we'll just leave it at that.  BRM (Being Rich Matters©) is “the squad” and they're ready to have a massive year, too!  In the meantime, JayHitUp has dropped his newest single, "Never Change", from his forthcoming project, which is available on iTunes and all streaming sites right now.   Go check it out!  On YouTube, you'll be able to zone into HitUp's world with his newest tantalizing visuals.  We're all waiting and watching with big eyes and ears for new and exclusive content.  Competition is at its absolute highest and the anticipation couldn't get any more nerve-wracking.  "XXXL" is out NOW.  JayHitUp is HERE!

Souncloud link to XXXL:


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