Musically Talented: Richie

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Jean-Richard Hérard, also known as Richie, is a native of Port-au Prince, Haiti.  To say he is talented is an understatement.  Those who know him say he is gifted.  Richie is famously known in the Haitian community for his music.  Not only does he play drums for the band “KLASS”, Richie is a music producer, composer, and more.  I had the pleasure of speaking to him and getting to know more about his music career, growth, and some sound advice.  Continue below to read the full interview.


Zoë:    Being a part of three groups in your professional career, have you ever considered becoming a solo artist?

Richie:  No, I never wanted to be a lead singer.  I am a drummer.  I always wanted to put my own band together.  I do have solo projects that I have produced with others, but I’ve never considered being a solo artist.

Zoë:   How have you grown in music and what have you taken away from it?

Richie: Music to me is not something that is easy, it can be very complicated.  Music chooses you, which makes it enjoyable because it is something you love.  It’s a blessing to do what you like to do.  I started joining groups while in school and was a member of three groups after school, two of which were major.  The journey has been very nice.


Zoë:  I know you are a drummer, but besides the drums are there any other instruments you enjoy playing?


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Richie:  I am a perfectionist when it comes to the drums, but I also know how to play different instruments including the keyboard.  I use the keyboard to compose my songs.  I know the composition of it…how it starts to how it is going to end and the process along the way.


Zoë:   What advice would you give those who are in the developing stages of their music career?


Richie: For one, you must have passion.  And with that passion, you must have talent.  But passion is truly what will carry you through.  Having the discipline to do the work helps guarantee it success, but music is something you can’t just do halfway.  You must be all in.  So, I leave with you some key things: Time, Gift, and Passion.  But most importantly, make sure you continue your studies.  Finish school!  That comes first.  Music is about taking chances, but you must be intelligent and have something to fall back on.


Zoe:    What are we to expect next from you?

Richie:  As you know, I am in the band KLASS and our last album was released two years ago in April of 2016.  This upcoming April, the people are expecting to hear a few new songs. We will be releasing a few songs in April and, over time, will put more music out.


It was an honor to reach out and speak to Mr. Richie about his career and what he is doing. I’d like to send a special thanks to Ms. Mimi, who connected me to Mr. Richie and KLASS.  It was a pleasure doing this interview.  Please comment, share, like, and, of course, subscribe below. Thank you for reading!