Brain. Intelligence. Creativity (BIC)


Roosevelt Sailant, famously known as B.I.C. (Brain, Intelligence, Creativity) is a Haitian Artist from Port- au- Prince, Haiti.  Music lover and former radio host R. Mingolove , is quoted as saying B.I.C. is “one of the most multi-talented Haitian artists of the last two decades.”  B.I.C.’s music is just one of the things that sets him apart.  His rhythms and lyrics speaks to his community and young people of today.  B.I.C. not only owns a record label called “Tizon Dife Recordz”, but he is also committed to social causes that affect Haitian youth.  So much so that he was honored by his home country by being named as an Ambassador. 



He now currently holds multiple Ambassadorships for different organizations.  After one listen, you would know that his music, without a doubt, influences the youth.  His lyrics, which are inspired by his culture, is what has helped him to achieve fame amongst his fanbase in Haiti.  Below, you can check out a highlight video of one of his latest performances.  

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Gen GADE san pran , gen PRAN san gade...Si genyen !!!
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