From the Bottoms

From the Bottoms


City Girls take over!

Miami always brings the heat to the airwaves, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that these rising artists are on their way. Signed by Quality Control and Mentored by the best in the industry, the Queen Trina , “City Girls” have been making their sound known. With their recent album “PERIOD” that came out last month, they have been trending all over the south and slowly reaching the northern states. Their sound reminded me of when Trina first came out and of course it  brought back memories of living in Miami.  Miami music has always been known for being  Raw and Authentic. With hit songs like “Tighten Up”, “Where the Bag at”, “Sweet Tooth”, “Not Ya Main”, and more, they have been making their mark in the music industry. Some may call their music Raunchy, with lyrics that talk about Sex, finessing men, and just getting money, PERIOD! But isn’t that what the men talk about in their music too? Don’t sleep on these rising Artists, City Girls have something going on and this is only the beginning. The world needs to get ready for the next era of Music and City Girls.  If you haven’t listened to their album yet, you need to go listen to it Now! 

City Girls From the 305!

ITunes: City Girls Debut Album "PERIOD"

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Written by :Zoe Hinkson @theofficialzoemarie

Edited by: Claire Daniels of CDNYC @Auria_st.claire






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