More than just music


From the suburbs of northern Atlanta, Ralphy Gibs is not only a talented artist but also has his hands in many other forms of artistry. From video production, graphic elements, and photography, Gibs is nothing short of talented. Being a member of 506 Collective, which is more than just music, is only the beginning. 

Starting five years ago, some friends and he started 506 Collective to showcase their talents in all aspects of art. Gibs talks about how it all started….


Story of 506 Collective

Long story short, I started recording music for friends about 5 years ago in my basement. It all started with a friend of mine named Josepi Morone.  We met in high school in a video production class. He was new to the school so I began talking to him and from there I learned he loved music, so I told him "come over and let’s make some stuff". Ever since that day, I starting hitting up my other friends (McCall Anglin and Dorian Glover) who also created music, to form what is known now as the 506 Collective.







As time progressed I was introduced to a guy by the name of Chapli through one of my co-workers. Ever since the encounter, there was a click as if he was meant to be in the collective also. As the connection strengthened, I started showing everyone the BS songs I would create to just learn effects. Chapli came to me and said "I want you to actually start making music with us, not just recording". At first I was hesitant, but I soon started to take it more seriously. So I started making music with more passion, but never really released anything bother than features for them. As of last year, I began making my own very personal music and accepted the reality of releasing it under a nickname my mother gave me, Ralphy Gibs. Also, in this year, Chapli and I met a producer named Empyreum, which along side us, composes instrumentals. The collective is a true family to us, it moves like water.









A great story to a great journey, I am excited to see and hear what he has in store for us in the future. Be sure to support and check out his music by clicking below.  Thank you for reading!


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