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“I was angry, frustrated, and hurt in “T.N.T” and “Baptize Me” is about the self-reflection and duality that followed. It represents a fresh start for me."

Self-taught guitarist from the age of 18 and singer since the age of 9,  now 26-year-old Carrington Kelso from Buford, GA recently released his first album this past May entitled “Baptize Me”. This album picks up from his first EP “T.N.T.” aka The New Truth, sourcing his musical inspiration from personal life experiences.




With this project, I wanted to, and continue to, move away from the notion that I have to be perfect. No one is perfect and I tried to express that throughout this LP. I wanted to be lustful, expressive, emotional, vulnerable, and most importantly, honest all in hopes of seeing who I am now at 26. I think this project is like a mirror for me and I hope it can be the same for others.”





Kelso has envisioned himself and his music to be a very successful journey. His dreams range from touring and selling out stadiums to playing in festivals. Support his dreams and vision and discover his unique sound by clicking the links below.








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Special video dedicated to Revolving Edge! Thank you Carrington!