The Marathon Continues..

He was a father. He was a son. He was a brother to many.  He was not just a boyfriend, but a friend. He carried his family and his community on his back. He was establishing a legacy for his kids to follow. He was making pivotal moves to create change and peace in his community by creating a stem program for inner city kids, building multiple profitable businesses, and giving knowledge to fellow people like him. He was on the cusp of making a difference and his time on earth was taken suddenly and senselessly. Knowing him was an honor for all. Meeting him was a dream for many.  He was challenging those he knew to be on board to make a difference. I wasn’t familiar with his music, but i did know who he was through his relationship with actress Lauren London. And in that, I was able to see him through the interviews and photographs of what he was trying to build. 


As we remember what he was doing to build a better world, let’s continue to build on who and what he stood for. It starts with us changing  our own communities one person, one business, one decision at a time.  Let us continue to pray for his family's and friends' and fans' strength as they mourn. Continue to build on his legacy. May you Rest In Peace, Ermias "Nipsey" ASGHEDOM, and continue to watch over your family. 


My condolences to Lauren and her babies. Continue to mourn, but remember his smile, his laughter, and the love. Much peace.