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Florida-based Music Producer, Song Writer, and Musical Director, James Anthony Murphy, Jr. (affectionately known as Boowie), is not only gifted in the world of music but is himself a gift to music.  Well-skilled with many instruments including the piano, drums, and bass guitar, he is said to be one of the best producers today surpassing most because of his ability to “paint a picture with every note played…”.  He grew up in an inner-city neighborhood of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and at the tender age of 5 James was given the nickname “Boowie” by his mother, Annice, when he picked up “the sticks” and started playing the drums at his family’s church.  This was the early start to Boowie’s music career.  Boowie always lived by Billy Strayhorn’s quote, “All Music is Beautiful”.

Boowie went on to take his musical career seriously by entering the prestigious Florida Memorial University.  At the University, Boowie’s love and passion for music exploded.  Here he served as the Music Director for the Florida Memorial University Ambassador Choral, receiving a scholarship to study Music Education.  “Boowie” is one of my favorites!” were the words spoken about James by Dr. Dawn Batson Burrell, a chairperson of the Florida Memorial University Music Department while on tour from New York to Jamaica.


James evolved into a well-known and highly respected Producer/Keyboardist across the country.  So much so that he has worked with and accompanied artists such as Flo-Rida, Ro James, Missy Elliot, Betty Wight, Trick Daddy, Trinba, Pretty Ricky, Natalie Larose, SUV, Inner Circle, Gorilla Zoe, Kyle Dion, Melo x, Breayan Isaac, Lamb Litty, Derrick “Big D” Baker, Robin Thicke, Detrick Haddon, Beverly Crawford, Y'anna Crawley (Sundays Best’s Winner), Juanita Bynum, Canton Jones, Daniel Johnson (New Breed), George Huff (American Idol), Candy West, Charisse Nelson-McIntosh (Richard Smallwood), Amaury Santiago, David Matayer, Zacardi Cortez, Kayla Brooks (Gospel Dream Contestant), Lanoris McFadden and Proof.  All of this while maintaining his daytime career as Lead Producer at Wisemen Music Group.

James has made special appearances on Love and Hip-Hop Miami, The Today Show, Fox, Showtime At the Apollo, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve Special, ABC’s Wonderful World Disney Magical Holiday Special.  He has been across the world from Dubai to Japan producing and performing music professionally.

Boowie says, “Through Christ, I can do all things. And I believe as long as I stay true to myself, love my family, remain humble, and seek ye first the kingdom of God, with my time, talents and treasures, I know that I will be successful!”

It was a pleasure getting the chance to interview the talented musician/ music producer. Learning about his purpose in music, and how music has shaped his life. Take a step inside the mind of Mr. James Murphy also known as Boowie. 

1. How and when did you know that music was your purpose?

Ha, I still don’t know. We as humans are constantly scratching the universe for it every day.  I believe one’s purpose is doing what you love in a way that can help someone other than yourself.  Through music, God has used me to bring people together, encourage, and even soothe people’s pain.  If that’s not purpose, I’m not really too sure what it is.  No matter how much I give it away through music, it continues to give something right back to me. 

2. How has music shaped your life?

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Music kept me out of trouble. I grew up in Manors Park, the “hood” of Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Music occupied my time and constantly kept me growing.  Music has opened doors and taken me around the world from Dubai to London to Japan to Carol City (lol).  Because of this, I have picked up bits and pieces of everyone’s culture I’ve encountered.  Still today I discover new things about myself through music as it sculpts who I am piece by piece, day by day. 


3. What is your creative element and or inspiration when creating new music?

I’m inspired by many things: poems, a good movie, plane rides, or maybe even a good joke I heard at the trap.  But my most creative element is outside of my head, meaning: when I catch inspiration, it’s then that I must not overthink and just immediately let creativity guide the way, letting emotion carry the melody and the chords paint how I feel.  It’s playful, rough, and spontaneous like a que dawg, or even mellow like I’ve been in love for the last 40 years.  It’s then that I paint that portrait through my production and songwriting. 

4. What advice would you give someone who is looking to start a career in the music industry, specifically in Production?

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My advice would be “Ughhhhhhhhh, do it because you love it and, most of all, don’t be afraid to take chances.  Be humble, listen like the wise ol’ owl, but don’t be afraid to speak up and create your own path.  And remember, the music business IS a business, so have your business together or otherwise it just becomes an expensive hobby. 

5. What is next for Producer and Songwriter, Boowie? 

#1 record on The Billboard…who knows?  Perhaps more traveling, encouraging somebody, only God knows.  But whatever it is, I pray it’s up and better than it was yesterday. 

Special thanks to Zoe Marie of Revolving Edge, my management, Wisemen Music Group, and Ms. Wilmide "Mimi" Charles. 

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