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He has the hottest song that’s playing in all Miami clubs and it doesn’t seem like it is stopping any time soon. Philly Native and Vintage Miami CEO/Head Designer MadeinPhlly has a hit single titled “Sleep” spinning everywhere in South Florida. From the beat to the hook this song will definitely have you vibin in the club.  

The hook/chorus is definitely stuck in my head because that is my whole mood right now.  “Don’t wake me out my sleep I don’t get enough” and “Don’t ask me bout my dreams I don’t have enough”. Those lines right there have to be one of the realest lines that I can relate to. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself below. 





Produced by ForeignTeck

Directed by @filmsbyceesz @ceeszhairston.

Comment what you think about his music and be sure to follow him on IG @MadeinPhlly. 

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An Alternative Sound