Features Overview

Features include Blog, Magazine, and Revolving Friday’s.

Read below for more details.

If you would like to be featured in the following segments under Music, Lifestyle, Inspiration, Fashion, and or Art. Fill out the form below and we will reach back to you as soon as possible. In Subject line type example: Feature for Music Segment* and or Magazine Feature. Give us a little background of who you are and what you do along with social media link.

All features are priced in the individual links magazine feature and blog feature. Email us to discuss more.


Blog Features

Blog features includes a bio, a write up of your work which will include two or more photos along with any other links to be added. For music artist: Music playlist, Video(youtube source only), etc.

Magazine Features can be a full interview and or as the blog feature just in the magazine. Magazine features are based on selection and or inquired about.

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Revolving Friday Features is for our music artist to be posted on our ig and on the website. This is particluar a music segment for the artist to showcase their newly released single, album, and or video.

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Magazine Features

Starting at $75.00

Full spread and cover features are more expensive and varies due to cost of Photographer, MUA, Stylist, and shooting location. If you would like to bring your own team that is fine with us, but all work will be looked at upon request.

All features will be included in our newsletters to let our subscribers know who will be in the next issue. *Not all details will be disclosed to them*



Full Spread

Full spread up to three pages: includes a full interview recorded or written (depending on location), photoshoot, posted on our IG page @revolvingedge and paid advertisement for feature and features page.

If you aren’t located in the DMV area and or cannot make it out this way you are required to send in up to three to five pictures to be alongside your article)

Single Feature

Single feature up to one page: background of said person (must send up to two to three pictures to alongside your article)


September issue 1

September issue 1

Cover Feature

Cover Feature includes the following: Front cover of the magazine, Full interview and spread up to 5-7 pages.  Includes everything that is mention in the full spread feature.


Blog features

Starting at $25.00


Basic Feature includes the following: 

- Write up about you and your current work

-  Includes pictures and links to your work, and social media  (all items must be submitted once considered to be featured on www.revolvingedge.com)

- Article will be sent out to all subscribers via email for that months Newsletter


Revolving Friday Feature includes the following: (Only for Music Artists)

 -  Full write up about the artist and their current work

-  Links to your work, and social media

-  Posted on our IG page @revolvingedge can be also paid sponsor ad which will be an additional cost depending on the length of the ad time

*If you would like to include a streaming of your music on the website will be an additional cost.  Linked music video as well (youtube source only)