Represent Yourself in Style

Native of Delray Beach, FL, fashion designer and entrepreneur, Jay Hollis, started her clothing line “London Logan” in 2010, her sophomore year of high school.  She created London Logan to combine the best of menswear and women’s apparel into one cohesive entity.  The brand focuses on streetwear, producing denim, t-shirts, polos, shorts, an array of jackets, and even soccer jerseys.  London Logan is currently based in Lake Worth, FL.

Now, we all wonder how people come to find a name for their brand.  Ms. Hollis wanted to invoke a feeling of androgyny that could allow the customer to alternate between male and female vibes.  “It’s about understanding a person before you judge them based on misconceptions”, says Ms. Hollis.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the designer about a range of topics close to her heart, from wanting to create her own line, to her journey with her company and more.  See her interview below…



Ms. Hollis, what made you delve into the fashion industry?

Honestly, I was frustrated with what I saw available and I’ve always had a love for fashion.  I felt like I could be the bridge between the best of menswear and women’s wear.

How did you come up with the name for your clothing line?

Based on my appearance, I’m always mistaken for a guy.  So, in the beginning I realized I needed a name that was unisex and would cause people to look further than initial appearance.  I took the name Logan from my younger cousin and it matched with London.

How has your journey been since starting London Logan?

It’s been a love-hate relationship.  I started back in the 10th grade (2010) and things were off and on until Summer of 2016.  Fortunately, everything has been moving steadily in a positive direction since then.  The company has branched out from screen-print tees in the beginning to now jeans, windbreakers, polo shirts, jerseys, and bomber jackets.  At one time, I did want to give up because it wasn’t turning out the way I expected, but by that point no one around me would let that happen.  Looking back, I now appreciate the struggle because it makes the feeling of success that much more gratifying.



What challenges did you face at the beginning and how did you overcome them?

Lack of funds and direction.  The clothing industry is easy to get into and easy to get swindled out of money.  Incumbents never are willing to share information to help newcomers.  As a result, I had to do a lot of reading and learning before I ever got into design.  Hence the reason I’m in business school instead of design school.  Things are always trial and error.  As long as you believe in your goals and develop a roadmap, you’ll reach your destination no matter how many times you reroute.

When and what can we expect next for the line?

The timeless collection by L. Logan, “Timeless”, is out now.  The purpose is to show versatility. The pieces of this collection can transfer from daywear into nightwear and be worn throughout any season.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your customer?

Yes!  We love to build strong anticipation for the next line of clothing, so please don’t expect a release every season or for us to do restocks.

To view and purchase Jay Hollis’ “London Logan” unique clothing line, visit her website at

www.  You can also follow the line via Instagram @londonloganco.

Written by: Zoe Marie Hinkson  ~  Edited by: Claire Daniels of CDNYC