Fashion Stylist and Consultant, Tavarrick Haygood, brings the world of fashion straight to the surrounding Miami area, where he tends to work closely with his clients to carefully craft the right look for their lifestyle. For more than 7 years working and studying in the global fashion industry, Tavarrick decided to channel all of his experience toward a new venture: Personal Fashion Styling. Tavarrick has designed his business to help individuals define their own distinctive image and style and re-create their look by streamlining, supplementing and styling their wardrobe. As a stylist he can help you overcome challenges and highlight assets, whatever they may be. 

    Tavarrick has an up to the minute grasp of fashion and beauty references, of what’s happening on the runways and the street, and a keen sense of how to create dynamic images for his clients. The overall approach is positive and sincere, sensitive, honest and very attentive as he gauges the needs of each particular client.

 He has styled many local celebs such as Miami Artist Vstuck, Millionaire Stormy Wellington, Billboard charts making artist Hashtagtalia_, and Up and Coming artist Kevin Cameron, just to name a few.

Tavarrick and I had a short interview about his business and what he hopes for his future in fashion.

Zoe Marie: What do you look for when styling a client and the cost to have you style them?

Tavarrick: Depends on the logistics that come with the workload

Zoe Marie: What is one of your greatest attributes in the fashion industry?

Tavarrick: The proudest moments for me would have to be seeing my work featured in stories covered by a journalist from Essence & Ebony magazine. It's just a refreshing feeling to know that your work was recognized and viewed in a positive manner. 

Zoe Marie: What are your aspirations for working in the fashion world?

Tavarrick: Ultimately, I want to be the set stylist for movies, plays, commercials etc. I would also like to start up my own clothing line one day. 

Tavarrick has always helped his friends with different looks. He is also the founder of a modeling troupe at his now alma mater Florida Memorial University named Eclat Modeling Troupe. Although, he is no longer in the area the troupe still leads his legacy of style. Like the title says "Style is only but a gift". 

Thank you for reading Revolving edge fashion segment on Tavarrick and for more of this great fashion persona you can follow his Instagram page  @ _hefly

--Zoe Marie