America's Next Top Model

Shawna Rose Pires, a beautiful 22-year-old woman of Cape Verdean, Native American, and Italian descent, is a model with hopes of one day operating her own clothing line and perhaps even her own affordable fashion boutique. Shawna is from Onset, a small town on the outskirts of Boston, MA.  Although she holds near and dear her goals of being a fashion mogul, currently she works as a waitress while she takes a break from college.  However, she continues to pursue her career in modeling. Experienced as a freelance print and runway model, she desires to use her platform to bring light to the fact that modeling is more than just taking pretty pictures and walking the runway.  It was a pleasure getting to know Shawna and inquiring about her launch into the modeling industry as well as other aspects of her life.


Zoe:  What are your goals as a successful model and how do you hope to change and/or inspire others’ perception of modeling?

Shawna:  My goals for becoming a model are to inspire younger females (such as my nieces) that modeling is more than just a pretty face or a toned body. It's an outlet for freedom, strength, dignity, and power. It's also a platform for many things such as women’s rights, the realization of unrealistic beauty standards, sexism in today’s society, and much more. I hope to one day use my modeling platform to raise awareness about these issues.

Zoe: Why and when did you decide that you wanted to be a model? 

Shawna: I started modeling at 15 years old after repeatedly being told I had the height and the “build” to model. My first shoot was for a local fashion designer from Boston. After experiencing the behind the scenes world of modeling and the art it stems from, I immediately fell in love. I found my voice and felt so beautiful and confident in front of the camera. I knew I wanted to angle my life towards this profession. 


Zoe: How has the competition of modeling built you into the model you are today? 

Shawna: As shocking as it may sound, I haven't had much competition as a model. The girls I've come into contact with have been more than inspiring. They actually encourage me to keep shining and to strive towards my goals. This is a very rare yet important element of this industry. I believe that, as females, we need to stand together and support each other so that we can all come out on top.

Zoe:  What kind of modeling do you like the most, i.e. editorial, runway, etc.? 

Shawna: So far, runway is my favorite. I love being able to project a look and emotion for different clothing and designers. I also love the raw and unedited realism of runway modeling.


“Modeling is more than just a pretty face, or a toned body.” – Shawna Rose Pires



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