A Gentleman Journi


“A Gentleman’s Journi” is the astounding styling consultant business that you want to have in your life.  It is the way to modify your own style in order to look like more than just your old self.  The goal is to change the basic method of dressing to look more professional and clean-cut when just going out casually. We’re not shaming those who don’t mind wearing sweat pants out and about, but it should be known that looking and feeling your worth can be achieved simply by changing your outfit.


“A Gentleman’s Journi” was created by two brothers, “Kree” and Keithington.   While living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, these New Jersey brothers were constantly being asked, by both friends and strangers, about what they wore, where they shopped, and how they got their look.  Such inquiries spawned the birth of “A Gentleman’s Journi”.



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A Gentleman's Journi is a personal consulting and shopping agency for people who simply do not have the time or energy to shop, have a difficult time putting outfits together, and need image consulting services for creative projects. A Gentleman’s Journi is all about saving people money and time.

We offer a number a number of services that will fit your every need: cleaning and organizing your clothing closet space, fashion consulting for special events, creative projects such as photo shoots and movies, and personal shopping for yourself or for others.  AND we will always seek the best deals.  Allow us to be a part of your Journi to becoming who you need to be. -via website https://www.agjourni.com



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Seeing them on my Instagram feed made me want to reach out and learn more about their journey (pun-intended) from inception to present-day.  Speaking with the Co-Founder, Keithington, enlightened me to what makes Gentleman’s Journi unique.  They kindly made room for me in their busy schedule and, fortunately, I was able to ask them a few questions.


Zoë:    I understand that this all started from what you both simply coined as your “own style”, but how did this groom you into Fashion entrepreneurship?


Keithington:  It started when my younger brother (Kree) and I would always go out…  whether it was to the mall, clubs, stores, you name it we would always get compliments on our style.  People approached us daily about where we shopped for our shoes, shirts, etc.  So, one day the thought came to me as we were out, and I mentioned to my brother the idea of providing value to people’s lives through our already established passion for fashion and style.


“It fell in our laps” - Keithington



Zoë:  I love the way you dress and that you kind of have this twist on professional corporate attire.  Where does your inspiration or influence come from?

 Keithington:  My influences come from some great people such as Davidson Frere, Pharrell, Andre 3000, Russell Westbrook, and Rihanna.

Zoë:  Can you describe to our readers the experience of being published in influential magazines such as GQ and Hufmagazine, amongst other publications?


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Keithington:  Mind blowing…to be able to see where we came from and where God has taken us.  We truly believe it’s not only because of our gift, but it’s because of God.  It’s a blessing to have such divine connections and be able to cross paths with certain solidified influential figures who notice what we’re doing and vouch for us.  This, in turn, makes us notable and solidified as well.  Often, people would say it’s “luck”, but we don’t believe it is.  We look at comments like that as disrespectful because they are trying to downplay and belittle our craft/gift.  The overall experience is Dope!


Zoë:  We spoke over the phone about where you guys are at and what you are working on regarding marketing and branding.  What is your main focus when it comes to marketing and branding?


Keithington:  Gentleman’s Journi is about luxury…looking and feeling as such. That is what we are trying to do.  Our focus for our marketing is, first, word of mouth: getting our name out there.  Second is our visual content (our own creativity, our own words, our own visuals).  Also, regarding branding, we enjoy speaking to students at High Schools and Colleges.  We want them to feel our energy, to feel valued, to look 10x better and feel 10x better.  Looking good on the outside usually makes people feel good on the inside.  If we can do that, then we have done our job.  We are also working on other community projects.


“Fashion and style isn’t just one. It’s mind, body, and soul.” – Keithington


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I had a great conversation with the men behind Gentleman’s Journi, and I can see that their business is dynamic and life changing.  And ladies, we aren’t left out either. They also provide the same services for women. 


For more information on how to get styled by Gentleman’s Journi, just visit their website at https://www.agjourni.com