Prosper With Us Clothing


Zaria Cobbs, also known as “Cobbs”, is a 22-year-old New York native. Retiring as a college athlete and quitting school, she went on to pursue her dreams in fashion. For her, fashion came easily. Being in one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York City, it was always around her. And she also had an advantage, as her mom owned and operated a woman’s shoe store that catered to women’s shoes, clothing and accessories. She worked in her mom’s store helping customers pick out what they needed and, also, managed the aisles and register.


Others would agree with her when she says, “In New York, if you are not into fashion, you will just naturally get into it because everyone around you is into fashion.” Being in New York, she noticed that your physical appearance tells a lot about you.  So, when you visit you’ll see that everyone has their own style. She was born into the fashion world, her mother from Brooklyn and her dad from Queens. Zaria stated that fashion wasn’t a choice for her, but she did make the choice to actually LOVE fashion.


I enjoyed interviewing Zaria to find out about her influence in fashion including her brand and clothing line “Prosper with us” and so much more. Continue reading below to find out more about how fashion has changed her life and what she hopes to pursue in the future.

Interview by Stephon Peters

Stephon:   What major icons influenced you to get into fashion?

Zaria:    My number one major fashion icon (don’t laugh) is DIDDY! Not only his fashion, but his hustle to get his fashion out on the streets. Same with Daymond John, the creator of “F.U.B.U.”. I respect his hustle! My last icon doesn’t have a clothing line, but his style speaks for himself and that’s Fabulous! Love his fashion style! 


Stephon:    Tell me about your brand. What does it mean and, specifically, what does it mean to you personally?


Zaria:    My brand is called Prosperous / ProsperWithUs. I created this brand to start a movement and to leave a legacy. Prosperous means to be successful in material terms! When you put on that fresh first day of school outfit, how do you feel? You feel good, right? You look good, smell fresh, feel fresh, walk fresh. And then how does your day go? It goes good! Because you started off your morning feeling good BECAUSE of that new outfit. So, with Prosperous, when you put on our clothing we want you to have that same fresh first day of school feeling! We want you to feel good! We want you to have a Prosperous Day! We want you to have GOOD VIBESSS!!! When you put on dingy sweatpants and a sweatshirt you feel sluggish right? We want to change that! Positive vibes bring positivity! That’s our movement! Join the wave or hop on the bandwagon, either way #ProsperWithUs


Stephon:    How does fashion affect our culture?

Zaria:     Like I said above, what we wear, sadly, plays a big part in our culture. You are judged by what you wear…as you should; but, in a way where it’s a good judgement. You shouldn’t like this person more because they shop at Gucci and like this person less because they shop at Payless. But, unfortunately, that’s our society. Many people get dressed in the morning and think “who will like this shirt I wear” or “who would make fun of me if I wore these jeans”. It’s sad. 



Stephon:        What are your goals and what do you plan on accomplishing with your brand?


Zaria:   Prosperous is not only a clothing line…it’s a mindset, movement, and lifestyle. Our goal is to motivate and inspire the world through the clothing we sell and the lifestyle we promote. We want to inspire people and show people that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! It’s possible! The ultimate goal is to create jobs within the company that not only provides a living, but helps you level up within the company. Too many jobs keep you in the cashier or sales position for years without promotion or even switching them to another department to work the other side of their brain. We want to create a job atmosphere for people to level up, get smarter, make money and actually LOVE what they are doing. Prosperous is a WORLDWIDE movement. Join the wave or hop on the bandwagon, either way ProsperWithUs!