A Model "Citizen" Ashly


Ashly Marie, born and raised in New Jersey by way of Jamaica, is only 25 years old; and although still young, she has already been modeling for the last 6 to 7 years and has taken on lots of different types of modeling endeavors in her hometown of New Jersey as well as in neighboring Fashion Capital of the world, New York.  Her talents earned her the crown of Miss Jersey City Carnival 2014 where she reigned for a year.  Some of her exposure includes artistic hair shows, runway work, and even a feature in Jersey City Fashion Week.  Ashly has recently relocated to the Sunshine State, specifically Orlando, FL.  Currently, as an official Brand Ambassador/Freelance Model for @via_la_boutique, @forevercaribbean (10k followers), and @hotmiamishades (60k followers), she has some experience in being signed as a professional model.  While in Orlando, she continues her pursuit of growth in the modeling industry and is working to get her name on as many projects as possible in the Sunshine State.


It was a pleasure to be able to interview the quickly budding Fashion Model.  Ashly so willingly shared with me her experience of being a Pageant Queen, her transition from New Jersey to Florida, and so much more. Read Below to get the full scoop on her and her blossoming modeling career.


Zoë:    How has your Pageant experience shaped and molded you into becoming a model?


Ashly: I was modeling before I got into pageants. I have always been open to each and every opportunity that has come my way and that’s how I ended up in pageantry.  My then Pageant Director messaged me on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in representing my country of Jamaica in a pageant.  Of course, I accepted…not thinking that I would win and proceed to Nationals.  Going to Nationals was a wonderful experience.  I had never done anything like that before, so it was a new and exciting encounter.  It helped shape me into the model that I am today because I was the face of Jersey City for a whole year.  I had to be careful about everything that I did. I had to make sure that with every move I made, I was representing not only my name but my country and Jersey City all at the same time.  At all times, I had to make sure I was handling myself professionally.  I had to make sure I was not just on time, but early to every event.  I had to make sure I was picture-ready and autograph-ready at the drop of a dime.  It taught me to be prepared for anything and everything.


Zoë:    How has moving from New Jersey to Florida challenged your growth?



Ashly: Moving from New Jersey to Florida was a huge adjustment; however, it was a wonderful adjustment.  I know coming from so close to the Big Apple, one might think it would be the exact opposite, but I find myself luckily exposed to even more work and fully blossoming into my greatest potential.  A lot more people are noticing me and my work, so it’s now easier for me to be 110% motivated every time I step in front of the camera.  On top of all of that, I have developed a lovely relationship with a local Boutique owner, Jennifer (of “insert name of Boutique here”).  She has turned into my Creative Director/Manager and has been nothing but a huge asset to me.


Zoë:    It is always about the connection?  As a brand ambassador for those clothing lines, how has your growth, and networking efforts been affected?


Ashly: Being a Brand Ambassador has been nothing but a blessing because it has opened many doors for me.  Take, for example, this interview with the Revolving Edge.  I would have never found you if I wasn’t a Brand Ambassador first.  I have greatly enjoyed being a Brand Ambassador because it exposes me to different kinds of people and has opened many doors by allowing me to make the right connections, thus leading to more offers to do modeling shoots.  I would be a Brand Ambassador with any company as long as its Mission is something I believe in.


Zoe:    Lastly, what do you hope for the future of your modeling career?  Are you more interested in being signed or would you want to continue the path of being a Freelance Model?


Ashly: I hope to grow into the best model that I can. I know I have some work to do, as I am always looking for ways to perfect my craft.  I hope to work and network with as many people as I can, and maybe even end up in LA or back in NYC for a show or a shoot.  I am interested in being signed someday, but I have no problem remaining unsigned until the right opportunity comes knocking at my door.  I will go above and beyond to maximize my potential in any way, shape, or form.  I work hard at everything I do.  I just hope that one day I will be discovered by a big name and be able to do what I was placed here to do.


I hope you enjoyed reading about Ashly and her modeling career. She has come a long way and is only going further. Check her out on IG @AshlyMarie